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July 27, 2022

Wartime Fashion: 35 Beautiful Photos of Young Women in the 1940s

With the start of the war and strict rationing on fabric, dresses in the 1940s became shorter. Whereas the 1930s featured dresses that went down to mid-calf, the 1940s brought them up to knee length. The war also affected the top of the dress.

Women’s 1940s fashion was about creating an hourglass silhouette with masculine details: padded shoulders, nipped-in high waist tops, and A-line skirts that came down to the knee. This was the everyday shape for clothing, from suits to dresses. Even pants had a similar high waisted, wide leg shape.

If a woman was not naturally an hourglass shape, the clothes were designed to help her achieve the look. Being put together, cheerful, and practical was the job of women during WWII. 1940s fashion accessories such as hats, gloves, handbags, and jewelry completed an outfit, while natural makeup with bright red lips painted a happy face during difficult times.

Take a look at these vintage photos to see what fashion styles of young women looked like during the 1940s.


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