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June 6, 2022

30 Vintage Found Photos Show Life During the Winter in the Past

Generations ago, it was not so easy to function during the winter. Survival was anything but guaranteed. People had to take extreme measures just to get through the cold and snow for months out of the year.

A set of vintage photos from simpleinsomnia that shows what life looked like during winter in the past.

Women hanging laundry in the snow, Feb. 1957

Boy riding a sled down a hill

Car buried in snow

Child playing in the snow on a tricycle

Child playing in the snow

Children in the snow playing with snow balls, Mt. Love Trail, March 16, 1919

Children sledding on a snowy road, Kalispell, Montana

Crowd ice skating

Dog sled being pulled by Siberian huskies

Dog sled mail train in downtown Anchorage, Alaska, circa 1920s

Family sledding down a snowy hill

Father and daughter pose on a street

Kids sledding down a snowy street

Little boy and his pet dog in the snow

Little boy looking at a well-dressed snowman

Little boy stands next to a snowman and shovel

Man and his dog shoveling snow

Man performing a jump on skiis

Man sits in a snow-filled car

Man skiing in a snowy Swiss town, Grindelwald, 1910

Men skiing in front of a building covered in icicles

Men with a tall snowman

Native Mongolians stand in front of a yurt

On the back read “Just a couple o' no. P.A. workers. Merry Christmas, Carol and Ruth. Dec. 18, 1937”

People relaxing in a snow drift

Two boys playing in the snow

Two children in a box in the snow, Nov. 20, 1921

Two women with their dog sled in Nome, Alaska, circa 1917

Winter street scene in Rochester, Minnesota - the Mayo Clinic

Young woman poses with a snowman, February 1950




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