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June 2, 2022

20 Dufaycolor Photos of Europe in the 1930s

Dufaycolor is an early British additive color photographic film process, introduced for motion picture use in 1932 and for still photography in 1935. It was derived from Louis Dufay’s Dioptichrome plates, a glass-based product for color still photography, introduced in France in 1909.

Europe in the 1930s

Both Dioptichrome and Dufaycolor worked on the same principles as the Autochrome process, but achieved their results using a layer of tiny color filter elements arrayed in a regular geometric pattern, unlike Autochrome’s random array of colored starch grains.

The manufacture of Dufaycolor film ended in the late 1950s. These amazing Dufaycolor photos were found by H*B, they are from the Dobson brewing family of Essex, on tour in the 1930s.

A lake, somewhere in Europe, circa 1937

A view of Menaggio on Lago di Como, Italy, circa 1930s

Am Viehtor, Rhens, Koblenz looking toward Rathaus Platz, Germany, circa 1937

Bar Grismondi (now Hotel du Lac), Menaggio, Italy, circa 1930s

Blausee, near Interlaken, Switzerland, circa 1937

Braemar Gathering - Highland Games, Scotland, circa 1930s

Ella and brother, circa 1930s

Ghent looking east from Sint-Michielsbrug, Belgium, circa 1930s

Girl sitting on a rock, circa 1930s

Heidelberg, Germany, circa 1930s

Italy, late 1930s

La Rochelle, France, circa 1930s

La Rochelle, France, circa 1930s

La Rochelle, France, circa 1930s

Lulworth Cove, Dorset, England, circa 1930s

Lulworth Cove, Dorset, England, circa 1930s

Mr and Mrs CR Dobson, Frank L, and Ella, circa 1936-37

Rathaus Platz, Rhens, Koblenz, Germany, circa 1930s

Somewhere in Europe, circa 1930s

Frank L Dobson, 1943


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