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June 5, 2022

Vintage Snaps of Edwardian Slumber Party Girls

A set of hilarious snaps was found by Chris that shows crazy Edwardian slumber party girls.

“I’m not sure I completely understand the phenomenon but it appears that at the turn of the century (1900-1915) girls liked to get together in their petticoats, let their hair down and get goofy. Some of these Might also be freshman sorority girls in the throes of one of those infamous “baby parties” I’ve read about.”

Slumber Party Coeds. Based on pennants in this found photo, these look like they might be Midwestern girls in the midst of a dorm slumber party, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1909

6 Slumber Party Girls Posed In Yard, circa 1910

Yawning Slumber Party Girls. It appears that at the turn of the century, girls liked to get together in their petticoats, let their hair down and get crazy, circa 1910

14-Girl Slumber Party. Looks likes girls just wanted to have fun even at the turn of the century. The finger-to-the-mouth gesture seems to be executed better by some than others, circa 1910

Slumber Party Coeds With Their Dolls, circa 1910

Slumber Party Girls With Dolls, circa 1910

Slumbering Slumber Girls. More evidence that girls were fun and crazy even back in the early 1900s

Written in pen on back: “Mary Jane class party Francis Zeigler, Ruth, Leona Cress, Armitta H, Bertha Korb, Hazel Keesey, Orpha Morton”, circa 1913

Written on front: “The G.A.S. Girls back in childhood days. 1914 Buster Brown's home”

11 Slumber Girls Gathered Around the Sink, circa 1914

12 Slumber Party Girls, 1916

8 Young Pajama Flappers. These young ladies appear to be posed lakeside with clothes drying on a line. The young lady in middle is holding a box camera, August 4, 1925


  1. 1st Pic: St. Paul is in Minnesota, not Wisconsin.

    1. This site is known for its inaccuracies, fwiw.

    2. They actually fixed it. Almost fell off my chair.




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