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June 30, 2022

Photos of Dennis Rodman and Madonna During Their Dating Days

Dennis Rodman met a lot of gorgeous women and was involved with many of them. Carmen Electra is one of the most beautiful ladies he dated, but some might say Dennis’ biggest win was the Queen of Pop, Madonna.

They dated for a brief period but it was really intense. Rodman once revealed that Madonna offered him $20 million to get her pregnant, but the player declined. The attraction between these two was huge and the 5x NBA player once tried to explain what Madonna saw in him and how he caught the singer’s attention.
“I think Madonna saw me as a kid in a candy store. I was trying to find my way, but she’s already done it. She saw this young kid, I was like maybe 30, 31. I was just coming out the box, I was coming out the shell, I was coming out the closet pretty much. I think she saw a guy like, ‘wow, he’s somewhat attractive, has a nice body’. And besides all this, I think she saw me coming out and being free and I think that was more attractive to her than anything else.”
Dennis would explain that the pressure of being under the spotlight for being Madonna's partner was too much for him and that played a big role in their breakup. He dated more women after that, having an incredible list of girlfriends and wives that not many people in the NBA can brag about.

These photos captured beautiful moments of Dennis Rodman and Madonna during their brief dating days.


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