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June 22, 2022

20 Amazing Photographs of Cyndi Lauper on Stage in the 1980s and 1990s

Throughout the pop icon’s four-decade-long career, Cyndi Lauper has taken no breaks as a singer-songwriter and activist. Initially a part of the band Blue Angel, Lauper shifted gears and emerged in the 1980s music scene with her solo debut album She’s So Unusual. All eyes were on the neon-haired, eclectically dressed star, who shortly received numerous accolades for her work. Lauper’s legendary hits, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” “Time After Time,” and “True Colors” remain as unforgettable anthems that epitomized the 1980s and ’90s.

Lauper was known for her distinctive, free-spirited image that was influenced by bold trends of the 1980s. An armful of stacked bracelets, bright-colored locks, and retro cut dresses and skirts, Lauper blended the boldness of the 1980s with punk-rock elements when it came to her ensembles.

Outside of her music career, Lauper has been an LGBT rights supporter throughout her career, campaigning for equality through various charities and gay pride events around the world. Lauper stated that she became involved in gay rights advocacy because her sister Ellen is a lesbian and because Lauper herself was passionate about equality. She co-established the True Colors Fund, a nonprofit organization aimed to address the issue of youth homelessness among the LGBTQA+ community.


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