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June 5, 2022

Charles H. Traub’s Fascinating Street Portraits in the Late 1970s

Between 1977 and 1980, Charles H. Traub would wander around the streets with his camera taking pictures of the people he felt drawn to.

“I have the facility to approach people graciously, and they seemed to be cooperative. People want to be recognised, people want to be seen. If someone wears a nice pair of sunglasses, they’ve picked them for a reason. Most people kind of adored being noticed, and stopped, and taking a brief minute at lunch time to engage.” Traub told Another Mag. “I think there were no caricatures, there was no negative attention involved in it. Just capturing the passing show of the street. And I think we all walk down the street with that same sense of wonderment or curiosity that is expressed within the photos, but we might be afraid to say it.”

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