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May 13, 2022

A Newspaper Clip From 1963 Asked People Whether a Woman Would Make a Good President, and Here’s What They Said

A clipping from a November 1963 issue of the Minneapolis Tribune asked people, “Would a woman be a good president?”

Two men and two women both emphatically said no, saying men are more “responsible” and women “give in” too easily. Only one respondent, a Wisconsin man named Vern Hause, seemed to be OK with it, saying they’d do no worse than some male Presidents.
  • Frank Kampa: “No. Today their mind is one way and the next day, it changes.”
  • Tom Romanowski: “No. I don’t have much faith in women to let them run the country.”
  • Mrs. Maureen Mellum: “No. A man is more responsible. Women have enough problems without being president.”
  • Mrs. Tom Romanowski: “No. A woman is too likely to give in. They might not stand their ground when they should.”
  • Vern Hause: “She couldn’t do any worse than some we’ve had.”
The piece was shared by Twitter user Nate Pentz and it serves as sour evidence just what a long way we’ve come since the 1960s.


  1. And the answers are just as true today as they were then.

  2. yeah ..... i'd rather let lying, raping, hate-filled career criminals run the country. not women.




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