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May 25, 2022

20 Beautiful Photos of the Simca Vedette

Ford France manufactured the Ford Vedette at its Poissy plant from 1948 to 1954. Henri-Theodore Pigozzi of Simca agreed to purchase the factory at Poissy from Ford SAF (Ford Société Anonyme Française) in 1954. Ford also gave Simca a brand new version of the Vedette, which shared similarities with the German Ford Taunus P2 suggesting both cars had been designed in Dearborn.

The Simca Vedette sold until 1961 with an enlarged 2,351cc flathead V8. The all new monocoque body sat on the same 106-inch wheelbase as before, but was only sold as a 4-door saloon until 1956 when the 5-door Marly Break joins the range. A 4-cylinder 1,290cc version is launched as the Simca Ariane after the Suez Crisis. For 1958 the body is restyled by Luigi Rapi with a longer tail, new grille and wraparound windows.

Production continues until 1961, with 173,300 V8 Vedettes and 166,300 Arianes being sold. Here below is a set of beautiful photos of the Simca Vedette.


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