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May 28, 2022

Pictures of Lucille Ball as Superman, 1957

“Lucy and Superman” is an episode of the sitcom I Love Lucy in 1957. The episode features a guest appearance by George Reeves as Superman. His character is referred to as “Superman” throughout the episode (rather than “George Reeves” or “the actor who plays Superman”), with hints throughout the script meant to clue adult viewers in that the character is actually only an actor.

In this episode, Lucy promises to get Superman to appear at little Ricky’s fifth birthday party. When she doesn’t, she decides to dress as the superhero, using a football helmet to hide her red hair, so the kids won't realize it's her. She planned to make her “entrance” to the Ricardo’s apartment by using the ledge and walking on it from the vacant apartment next door. Her plans change when Ricky is able to get the real Superman to come to the party. Lucy quietly intends to go back through the vacant apartment, but when she gets to the window, she finds that it’s closed and locked, so she is stuck on the ledge.


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