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May 30, 2022

Lindsay Wagner Lifting a Mini Austin Cooper in 'The Bionic Woman', 1976

Living up to her super strength image by feigning to lift a Mini suspended above the pavement outside Thames Television’s Euston Road studios, was 26-year-old Lindsay Wagner, who was in London to launch her new TV series The Bionic Woman in 1976.

When Lindsay Wagner took on the role of Jaime Sommers in The Bionic Woman more than 40 years ago, she didn’t realize the impact it would have.

“It was the beginning of changing the image of women in the media,” she told PEOPLE. “Anybody over the age of 34 still tells me how I was such a big part of their childhood.”

Reflecting on the stardom that came with the role, which she starred in for three seasons from 1976-78, she admits it was “overwhelming.” Since the action drama series ended over four decades ago, Wagner continued to act, but she eventually focused on a public-speaking career.


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