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May 14, 2022

Before Waxes and Balms There Was the Kaiser Mustache Trainer!

The Kaiser Trainer was introduced in 1901-02, but clearly epic mustaches were around before then. A gentleman by the name of Carl Fredrik Holm from the 1800s had a crazy Hungarian mustache. And who could forget Nietzsche’s absolute unit of a handlebar!

The Kaiser Mustache Trainer would overcome every objectionable feature of a mustache with just five minutes a day, as the ad said in 1902:
“Use this wonderful trainer. Worn five minutes in the morning trains any mustache for all day to the shape desired, and permanently after using a few times, assuring comfort and improved appearance.

It will be found that nearly all gentlemen with nice and well-trained mustaches use one of these Kaiser Trainers.

It overcomes every objectionable feature of a mustache.”


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