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April 1, 2022

Stunning Color Photographs From the Early 20th Century Taken by Paul Sano

Paul Sano (1874-1960) was a general practitioner in Antwerp, whose interest lay in exploring the limits of the Autochrome process, created collages and experimented with multiple exposures and microphotography.

Compared with his friends he also took considerably more stereo autochromes. Early morning in the forest is a good example of what he could achieve with this effect. At first sight one is puzzled by the beautiful composite plate scenes of various flowers and Paul Sano. How did he succeed in photographing 18 different flowers and include his portrait twice as well on one autochrome plate? To achieve this beautiful plate the photographer made use of a multipose camera. A work of meticulous execution!

With lady and inset of solar eclipse Paul Sano created a work in which the stages of life are depicted, the fresh planted seeds at left, the flowering tulips, the old lady and finally the eclipse. There is much to discover in the autochromes of this artist’s work.


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