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April 5, 2022

26 Wonderful Color Illustrations of London and New York by Tony Sarg

Anthony Frederick Sarg (April 21, 1880 – March 7, 1942), known professionally as Tony Sarg, was a German American puppeteer and illustrator. Born in Cobán, Guatemala, Sarg later took up residence in the United Kingdom in 1905. After World War I broke out, he settled the family in New York City in 1915. In 1920, Sarg became a naturalized citizen of the United States.

He had been raised around puppets, inherited his grandmother's collection of them, developed them as a hobby that enhanced the impression he made on other artists, and finally in 1917, turned them into a profession.

In 1928, he designed, and his protégé Bil Baird built tethered helium-filled balloons up to 125 feet long, resembling animals, for the New York institution of Macy's department store. This work involved a number of puppetry-related principles. These creations were featured in the store's Thanksgiving Day parade. In 1935, he undertook the puppet-related work of designing Macy's elaborate animated window display, which was shown between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Sarg stepped back from competing with other puppet studios and pursued illustrating magazine covers, guide books, and original children's picture books, games, and toys. He designed salons and sophisticated interiors for high-end department stores and restaurants. Sarg also designed extensively for the New York World's Fair in 1939.

Take a look at Tony Sarg's wonderful color illustrations of London and New York:

At the Play, from “Humours of London”

At the Shops, from “Humours of London”

Football, from “Humours of London”

In the Country, from “Humours of London”

At the Royal Academy, from “Humours of London”

Up River, from “Humours of London”

‘Appy ‘Ampstead, from “Humours of London”

At Southend, from “Humours of London”

At the Proms, from “Humours of London”

Richmond Park, from “Humours of London”

Fancy Dress, from “Humours of London”

In Toyland, from “Humours of London”

Ice Skating Scene, from “Humours of London”

Grand Central Station, from “Tony Sarg's New York”

Public Library, from “Tony Sarg's New York”

Museum of Natural History, from “Tony Sarg's New York”

The Aquarium, from “Tony Sarg's New York”

Peacock Alley in the Waldorf Astoria, from “Tony Sarg's New York”

The Twenty Third Street - Ferry Slip, from “Tony Sarg's New York”

The Metropolitan Museum, from “Tony Sarg's New York”

The Stock Exchange, from “Tony Sarg's New York”

Washington Market, from “Tony Sarg's New York”

The Times Square Shuttle in the Subway, from “Tony Sarg's New York”

Manhattan Bridge, from “Tony Sarg's New York”

Inspection at Steamship Pear, from “Tony Sarg's New York”

Chinatown, from “Tony Sarg's New York”

(via Nantucket Historical Association)


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