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April 26, 2022

Vintage Photographs Capture Everyday Life of Egypt in the Early 1980s

Hosni Mubarak’s presidency (1981-2011) was marked by a continuation of the policies pursued by his predecessor, including the liberalization of Egypt’s economy and a commitment to the 1979 Camp David Accords.

The Egyptian government under Mubarak also maintained close relations with the other member states of the Arab League, as well as the United States, Russia, India, and much of the Western World. However, international non-governmental organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have repeatedly criticized his administration's human rights record. Concerns raised include political censorship, police brutality, arbitrary detention, torture, and restrictions on freedoms of speech, association, and assembly.

Mubarak’s presidency greatly impacted Egyptian society and politics. This is in large part due to Egypt’s political structure, in which the President must approve all pieces of legislation and state expenditures before they are enacted.

These fascinating photos were taken by Karol that documented everyday life of Egypt in 1981.

Aswan. Camel driver, August 1981

Aswan. A hard working man, August 1981

Aswan. Affection, August 1981

Aswan. Aga Khan Mausoleum, August 1981

Aswan. Along the Nile, August 1981

Aswan. Baker and assistant, August 1981

Aswan. Blue door..., August 1981

Aswan. Bouquet, August 1981

Aswan. Carry that weight, August 1981

Aswan. Cobbler, August 1981

Aswan. Delivery man and his brother, August 1981

Aswan. Falafel cook, August 1981

Aswan. Family portrait, August 1981

Aswan. Father and daughter, August 1981

Aswan. Men, August 1981

Aswan. Musaharati, August 1981

Aswan. Potatoes merchant, August 1981

Aswan. Pulses merchant, August 1981

Aswan. Punctum, August 1981

Aswan. Seamstress and scissors, August 1981

Aswan. Shoemaker, August 1981

Aswan. Siblings, August 1981

Aswan. Soft drink merchant, August 1981

Aswan. Stare, August 1981

Aswan. The three of us, August 1981

Aswan. Vegetables merchant, August 1981

Aswan. Water fountain, August 1981

Aswan. Working men, August 1981

Aswan. Young working men, August 1981

Cairo. After hours, July 1981

Cairo. Brass craftsman, July 1981

Cairo. Butcher, July 1981

Cairo. Charcoal merchant, July 1981

Cairo. Children at play, July 1981

Cairo. City of the Dead, July 1981

Cairo. Commuters, August 1981

Cairo. Delivery, July 1981

Cairo. Family, August 1981

Cairo. Fishmonger, July 1981

Cairo. Ironer, July 1981

Cairo. Munching, July 1981

Cairo. Seamster, July 1981

Cairo. Sisters, July 1981

Cairo. Slumber, August 1981

Cairo. Sock ball, August 1981

Cairo. Tailor, July 1981

Cairo. Windows, August 1981

Chickpeas merchant, Egypt, August 1981

Luxor. Bargain, August 1981

Luxor. Circumspection, August 1981

Luxor. Journeyers, August 1981

Luxor. Livestock market, August 1981

Luxor. Siesta, August 1981

Luxor. Tittle tattle, August 1981

Sewing machine and apprentice, Egypt, August 1981

(Photo © Karol)


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