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April 24, 2022

19 Years Old Barbra Streisand in a Photo Booth

Since her start nearly six decades ago, Barbra Streisand has wowed on the Broadway stage, Hollywood set and concert hall with her undeniable talents for singing, acting, directing and producing. Here are two interesting photos of a young Barbra in a photo booth in 1961:

Aged 16 and living on her own, Streisand took various menial jobs to have some income. During one period, she lacked a permanent address, and found herself sleeping at the home of friends or anywhere else she could set up the army cot she carried around. When desperate, she returned to her mother’s flat in Brooklyn for a home-cooked meal. However, her mother was horrified by her daughter’s “gypsy-like lifestyle,” and again begged her to give up trying to get into show business,  but Streisand took her mother’s pleadings as even more reason to keep trying: “My desires were strengthened by wanting to prove to my mother that I could be a star.”


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