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March 15, 2022

Lovely Vintage Photos of Children With Their Toys and Dolls

Before internet and smartphones, it was a simple life for people, especially children. The way kids valued their toys back then. Toys were treasured because kids were lucky to have them. Kids lined up our little stuffed animals and performed plays for them.

These lovely vintage photos were found by simpleinsomnia that show portraits of children with their toys and dolls in the past.

Little girl playing with a kitten and dolls, circa 1900s

Little girl pushing a stroller and doll, circa 1900s

Little girl holding her dolls, circa 1910s

Little girl sits with her dolls and cats, circa 1910s

Two little girls standing outside with a stuffed bear, 1915

Children posing on a porch with their toys, circa 1920s

Little girl poses with her teddy bear and stuffed joker, circa 1920s

Little girl sits with a doll house and baby carriage, circa 1920s

Little girl sitting outside with her doll and dog, circa 1920s

Little girl with a doll in a stroller, circa 1920s

Two little girls sit on the grass with a stuffed toy, circa 1920s

Little girl riding on a rocking horse, 1926

Children riding an oversized rocking horse, circa 1930s

Little boys examining a kitchen diorama, 1930

Little girl holding a large teddy bear, circa 1930s

Little girl playing a board game, circa 1930s

Little girl poses with her doll and bicycle, circa 1940s

Little girl pulling a parade float with her tricycle, circa 1940s

Children posing with a doll in the snow, 1944

Little boy playing with a toy rifle, September 1944

Little baby holds up a stuffed bear, March 23, 1949

Little boy holds a teddy bear, circa 1950s

Little boy playing with a stuffed monkey, circa late 1950s

Little boy playing a toy trumpet, September 1956

Little girl carrying a toy gun and wearing goofy glasses, December 1964

Baby looks out of a window while holding a teddy bear

Blurry-faced girl with her doll and stuffed bear

Child playing in the snow on a tricycle

Child playing with a toy telephone

Child sits in the back yard with stuffed animals

Chubby baby posing with his toys

Crying boy with his teddy bear in a sandbox

Little boy dressed as a cowboy posing with his new bike

Little boy feeding a doll

Little boy holds his teddy bear inside

Little boy playing with building blocks

Little boy plays with a cast iron toy bus

Little boy riding in a toy car

Little boy showing off a toy tank

Little boy with a toy airplane

Little girl holding her doll outside

Little girl playing with a stuffed rabbit in the garden

Little girl plays with her antique toys

Little girl surrounded by her dolls

Toddler playing with a stuffed doll and toy


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