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March 4, 2022

30 Beautiful Photos of German Actress Ursula Thiess in the 1950s

Born 1924 in Hamburg, German actress Ursula Thiess began her career on the stage in her native Germany and by dubbing female voices in American films as Ursula Schmidt. After she married Georg Otto Thiess, she became Ursula Thiess and was featured in many German magazines, including several cover photos, as well as the cover of Life magazine, 1954, as an up-and-coming model, and she was dubbed the “most beautiful woman in the world.”

Ursula left postwar Germany at the urging of Howard Hughes and signed with RKO. She co-starred with Robert Stack in The Iron Glove (1952), Rock Hudson in Bengal Brigade (1954), Glenn Ford in The Americano (1955), and Robert Mitchum in Bandido (1956).

Ursula was known to be an excellent home decorator, gourmet cook, shadow-box maker, and UCLA Children’s Hospital volunteer. As the wife of Robert Taylor, she gave up her acting career to become a full-time mother and homemaker, though she generally accompanied her husband on film locations, often with her two younger children by Taylor. She even had a recurring role on his hit ABC-TV series, The Detectives. She was known to go hunting and fishing with Taylor, who was a passionate sportsman.

Ursula died natural causes in 2010 at the age of 86. Take a look at these vintage photos to see the beauty of young Ursula Thiess in the 1950s.


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