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March 29, 2022

Cover Photos of the Picture Post During Its Time

Picture Post was a photojournalistic magazine published in the United Kingdom from 1938 to 1957. It is considered a pioneering example of photojournalism and was an immediate success, selling 1,700,000 copies a week after only two months. It has been called the UK’s equivalent of Life magazine.

Picture Post covers

The magazine’s editorial stance was liberal, anti-Fascist and populist and from its inception, Picture Post campaigned against the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany. In the 26 November 1938 issue, a picture story was run entitled “Back to the Middle Ages”: Photographs of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels and Hermann Göring were contrasted with the faces of those scientists, writers and actors they were persecuting.

Here below is a set of vintage photos that shows Picture Post covers from between the 1930s and 1950s.

No.1, Picture Post, October 1st, 1938

The Queen’s Dressmaker, Picture Post, November 19th, 1938

Eastenders at War, Picture Post, September 28th, 1940

A Plan To Save India, Picture Post, February 28th, 1942

Carla Lehmann, Picture Post, July 11th, 1942

Wartime Terminus, Picture Post, May 23rd, 1942
We Make A Challenge, Picture Post, February 21st, 1942

Girl From Honolulu, Picture Post, February 12th, 1944

Wounded with a cup of tea, Picture Post, July 1st 1944

Easter Special, Picture Post, April 20th, 1946

In Praise of Summer, Picture Post, June 8th, 1946

Mainly Fair, Picture Post, August 3rd, 1946

4Science Fights Famine, Picture Post, May 18th, 1946

The End of the Holiday, Picture Post, September 14th, 1946

Marilyn Monroe, Picture Post, December 13th, 1947

Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini on the Italian island of Stromboli, Picture Post, May 14th, 1949

Marilyn Monroe, Picture Post, August 13th, 1949

Winston Churchill, Picture Post, September 3rd, 1949

A Month With Princess Margaret, Picture Post, August 12th, 1950

How Should We Choose Our Allies, Picture Post, September 2nd, 1950

New Star in the Ricefields, Picture Post, March 11th, 1950

Ava Gardner, Picture Post, January 27th, 1951

Richard Burton, Picture Post, August 25th, 1951

Zsa Zsa Gabor, Picture Post, November 29th, 1952

Bridget Bardot, Picture Post, March 24th, 1954

Elizabeth Taylor, Picture Post, March 27th, 1954

Grace Kelly, Picture Post, September 4th, 1954

Janet Leigh, Picture Post, August 7th, 1954

Leslie Caron, Picture Post, July 17th, 1954

Marilyn Monroe, Picture Post, April 24th, 1954

Roberta Cowell, Picture Post, March 13th, 1954

Petula Clark, Picture Post, June 11th, 1955

Lisa Gastoni, Picture Post, May 19th, 1956

Marilyn Monroe, Picture Post, July 14th, 1956

Marilyn Monroe, Picture Post, October 22nd, 1956


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