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March 28, 2022

Italy in the Late 1950s Through Fascinating Black and White Photos

This series of photos were taken by American photographer Lester Gediman “when I went back to Florence in 1958-59 to work at SMA, a Florentine radar company. They were made during siesta long lunch hours or weekends in Florence and surrounding towns.”

“A few were taken in Spoleto during the 2nd Festival of Two Worlds in summer of 1959 and at the Milan Trade Fair the same year.”

“My wife, Claudia, and our son, Marc, are seen at the end of the set.”

Eyes left, Florence, 1959

A nun in a hurry somewhere, heading toward the Arno, Florence, 1958

A pair of carabinieri (military police) patrol near the Uffizi gallery, Florence, 1958

A weekend hobby being practiced in a Florentine street, 1958-59

Afternoon edition, Florence, 1958

Angel of Death, Florence, 1958

Art appreciation, 1958-59

Art appreciation, Ponte Vecchio, Florence, 1958

Balloon vendor, during Carnevale, the Italian equivalent of Mardi Gras, 1959

Calcio in costume parade, 1958-59

Charity, Santa Maria Novella, Florence, 1958

Children playing grownups, Florence, 1958

Cobbler's shop. This tiny angular artisan shop had no electricity, 1958-59

During Carnevale, the Italian equivalent to Mardi Gras, confetti is thrown instead of beads, Florence,1959

First communion, near Spoleto, Umbria, 1959

Florence, 1959

Foggy days fishing the Arno, 1958-59

Friend and photographer, Vezio Armellini, in his house, Florence, 1958

Fun at the fountain, Spoleto, 1959

Lively discussion, Ponte Vecchio, Florence, 1958

Love at first sight, Prato, 1958

Maurizio, a Contaflex shooter, Arno River, 1958

Milan Fair, outside Rice Pavillion, 1959

Milan Fair, outside Rice Pavillion, 1959

Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, 1958

Piazza Signoria, Florence, 1958

Posters are for reading, Florence, 1958

Raptors in paradise, Umbrian town, 1959

Routine Sunday, Florence, 1958

Springtime in Florence, 1959

Street cleaning cart near the Arno, Florence, 1958

The father and son are on a dike across the Arno river, 1958-59

The flirt, Piazza Signoria, Florence, 1958

The old bridge, Ponte Vecchio, Florence, 1958-59

Tourist photographer, Ponte Vecchio, Florence, 1958

Two foreign naval petty officers visit the city of flowers. Piazza Signoria, Florence, 1959

Young people watchers along the Arno, 1959

(Photo © Lester Gediman)

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