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March 18, 2022

Hunting Ghosts in London, 1957

One of every 14 Britons claims to have seen or heard a ghost, according to Philip Paul, vice-chairman of the Ghost Club of London, in 1957. Investigating specters, sleeping in haunted houses and reporting to the 150 members of the century-old Ghost Club are Paul’s hobbies. (Ghost Club members also dabble in hypnotism and fire walking.)

Pictures show Paul checking up on a haunted dwelling and dressmaker’s shop in London where a poltergeist (noisy ghost) had been rumpling beds, heaving flatirons and glasses and scaring the help. Sorry, no photos of the spook.

Spook stalker Philip Paul laces doorway with thread to test solidity of strange visitors to the house.

Move over! Paul sleeps in an allegedly haunted bed.

Haunted houseowner Harry Cox helps collect evidence on activities of ghost.

Poltergeists? Non-believer Cox shows how ghosts, or something, left set of glasses.

Chimney checking—not for Santa but for draft that might explain strange happenings.

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