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March 2, 2022

Stunning Autochromes of Belgium Taken by Georges Gilon in 1913

Georges Gilon (1873–1928) was a wool-trader at Verviers in Belgium. He was married to Maria Nokin who bore him 4 children.

Besides his passion for photography Gilon was also a gifted wood-worker. His photographic topics were mainly landscapes, old regional farmhouses, festivities and townscapes of his hometown Verviers. The vast body of his work consists of black and white photographs, although he worked also with the autochrome process. He excelled in rendering colors in fine pastel shades which turned his autochromes into timeless works of art.

See e.g. the three townscapes in which the viewer is captivated by the dreamlike atmosphere. Landscape with windmill is also a fine example of the compositional skills of Georges Gilon. The green foreground gives the eye a resting point, the footpath leads us to the red pastel rooftops and the upstanding sail of the windmill. A small collection of his autochromes can be seen on below.

Portrait of Jeanne Nokin, ca. 1913.

Family portrait at Roannay, Belgium, ca. 1913.

Landscape with windmill. Ronse, Belgium, ca. 1913.

Schelde river, houses. Oudenaarde, Belgium, ca. 1913.

Saint-Walburgachurch. Oudenaarde, Belgium, ca. 1913.

Pool at Roannay, Belgium, ca. 1913.

Light and shadows at Roannay, Belgium, ca. 1913.

Forest and ferns, ca. 1913.

Bouquet with roses and chrysanths, ca. 1913.

Yellow begonias, ca. 1913.

Red and white begonias, ca. 1913.

Bouquet with roses and gladioli, ca. 1913.


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