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March 3, 2022

Electric Bubble-Bath: Miracle Weight-Loss Technology of 1933

Sleeping in the clouds has nothing on the “bubble bath,” the latest novelty in the way of health gadgets in 1933. This device consists of a waterproof electric motor and pump, which connects with a series of long perforated metal tubes placed in the bottom of the bathtub. Air emitted from these tubes causes the water in the tub to bubble and splash like a miniature surf.

By the addition of a teaspoonful of non-alkali soap a heavy foam will form as demonstrated in the accompanying photo. The device has received the approval of eminent medical authorities both as an invigorating bath and as an effective reducing process.

The new “bubble bath” in operation. The waterproof pump on the floor undulates water in tub like ocean surf. Addition of teaspoonful of soap causes heavy foam to rise.


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