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March 9, 2022

Philadelphia in the 1980s Through Fascinating Photos

Philadelphia is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the United States. It is the sixth-most-populous city in the United States, the most populous city in the state of Pennsylvania, and the second-most populous city in the Northeastern United States, behind New York City. It is also the economic and cultural center of the greater Delaware Valley along the lower Delaware and Schuylkill rivers within the Northeast megalopolis.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Philadelphia became a major industrial center and a railroad hub. The Philadelphia area's many universities and colleges make it a top study destination, as the city has evolved into an educational and economic hub. The city is known for its arts, culture, cuisine, and colonial history. It is also a biotechnology hub.

Philadelphia is the home of many U.S. firsts, including the nation's first library (1731), hospital (1751), medical school (1765), national capital (1774), university (by some accounts) (1779), stock exchange (1790), zoo (1874), and business school (1881). It contains 67 National Historic Landmarks and the World Heritage Site of Independence Hall. The city became a member of the Organization of World Heritage Cities in 2015, as the first World Heritage City in the United States.

These fascinating photos were taken by Roy N. Weiner that show what Philadelphia looked like in the 1980s.

Philly girls, 1986

Credit, Philadelphia, 1982

Dead Head, Philadelphia, 1982

Estro, Philadelphia, 1982

Estro, Philadelphia, 1982

Kozmo, Philadelphia, 1982

Mr.Blint-w-Razz, 30th Street Yard, Philadelphia, 1982

Mr.Blint, Philadelphia, circa 1982

Mr.Blint, Philadelphia, 1982

Spring Garden Street Exit, I-76, Philadelphia, 1982

West Philadelphia, 1982

Ziggy, Philadelphia, 1982

Alvin's Bargain Market on 54th Street, West Philadelphia, summer 1983

Credit, Philadelphia, 1983

Daze, Philadelphia, 1983

Duck JK, Philadelphia, 1983

Jay-C, Philadelphia, 1983

Jay-Cee, Philadelphia, 1983

Jay-Cee, Philadelphia, 1983

Jay-Cee, Up on the ledge, 23rd and Walnut Streets, Philadelphia, 1983

Kad, Philadelphia, circa 1983

Memorial to Hawkski, Philadelphia, 1983

Mr.Blint, Philadelphia, 1983

Rev Tat, West Philadelphia, 1983

West Philadelphia, 1983

West Philadelphia, 1983

A 1962 Chevy school bus sitting outside the projects in North Philly in the Summer of 1985

A 1980 SEPTA General Motors RTS II bus, West Philadelphia, 1985

A SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) Flexible bus, photographed in West Philadelphia, 1985

Belmont Avenue, West Philadelphia, 1985

SEPTA PCC car 2710 (refurbished 1980) on Girard Ave. approaching Lancaster Ave., West Philadelphia, 1985

5 The Philadelphia Police Department was using both the mid-size Ford LTD and full-size Crown Victoria platforms at that time, Philadelphia, 1985

On Merion Avenue in West Philadelphia, 1986

Philly girls, 1986

Philly girls, 1986

Philly girls, 1986

Philly girls, 1986

Philly girls, 1986

Lancaster Avenue in West Philadelphia, December 1987

(Photo © Roy N. Weiner)

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  1. These are no more of an accurate reflection of Philly in the 80s than Elton John is an accurate reflection of heterosexuality.
    Get a clue, vintag!




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