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February 16, 2022

Miss Moon Maid of 1965

In 1965 there was a nation-wide contest to find a “real-life” Moon Maid. It was sponsored by the strip's syndicate, and the final judging took place in Hollywood, CA. The winner was apparently 19-year-old Sheila Hanson, who was a student at the University of Mississippi at the time.

Moon Maid is a fictional alien character from the Dick Tracy comic strip, created in 1964 by Chester Gould.

Mysta, aka “Moon Maid”, was the daughter of the Moon Governor and his wife, and was the first known visitor from the Moon to Earth. She first appeared after she secretly boarded a Space Coupe on the moon and flew back to Earth with Diet Smith. Upon discovering the beautiful stowaway, Diet called Dick Tracy and Lizz to his plant to meet the alien woman. Tracy immediately dubbed her “Moon Maid”, and the name stuck.

Moon Maid had shoulder-length platinum-blonde hair. She had horns/antennae and very large eyes, as was typical among her people. She typically wore a sleeveless and strapless black leotard, thigh high boots, and a pearl choker necklace. She also wore long gloves occasionally.


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