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February 12, 2022

Vintage Pictures of Post-War London in the 1950s

These amazing pictures were taken by Allan Hailstone on various visits to London in the 1950s, back when the city was bouncing back from the horrors of the Second World War.

Piccadilly and Piccadilly Circus, February 1956

These images show a busy and vibrant post-war capital city at a time that Hailstone recalls as being 'magical'. From the bright lights of the West End to the lost theatres and smog in the air, the very essence of London was clearly captured by Hailstone's keen eyes. 

These fascinating photographs below are a selection from the 120 that feature in Hailstone's book 'London: Portrait of a City 1950-1962'. For more amazing vintage pictures, visit Hailstone's brilliant Flickr site.

Prince Monolulu, Petticoat Lane (Middlesex Street), 11 July 1954

Petticoat Lane, 25 July 1954

In a London park, 31 July 1954

Leicester Square, 11 April 1955

Leicester Square, 11 April 1955

Near St. Martin's in the Fields Church, 11 April 1955

Charing Cross Road, 1 August 1955

Piccadilly Circus, 2 August 1955

Piccadilly Circus, 2 August 1955

St. Giles High Street, 1 August 1955

Trafalgar Square and Strand, 1 August 1955

2 August 1955

Wapping Station, 5 November 1955

Charing Cross Road, 5 November 1955

Tower Hill, 5 November 1955

Trafalgar Square, 5 November 1955

5 November 1955

Charing Cross Road at Cambridge Circus, 5 November 1955

London Pavilion cinema, 30 July 1956

Underground station, probably Leicester Square, 3 January 1957

Warner Cinema, Cranbourn Street, 3 January 1957

Leicester Square, mid-1957

Astoria Theatre (cinema), Charing Cross Road, mid-1957

Charlie Gracie posing for promotional photos, 5 August 1957

The London to Brighton run, Hyde Park, 3 November 1957

Balloons in Regent Street, 28 November 1957

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  1. The underground station looks like Piccadilly Circus due to the circular shape of the ticket hall.




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