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January 14, 2022

Strange Shapes for Play, 1962

Unconventional and modern playground equipment has been developed in Ulm, Germany, by architect Joachim Kimpel in 1962. A 10-year study of children’s methods and behavior at play by the architect, a gardener and a psychologist led to the redesigning of recreational equipment for climbing, spinning, balancing and swinging.

Each apparatus took days of study. Scale models were made before the experts decided which of the projects was best suited for the children. The specially designed playground equipment is intended to develop all the child’s physical abilities, particularly his coordination and balance.

Although the modern design stresses function and mechanics, it retains qualities of good form that will readily capture a child’s imagination.

BALANCING APPARATUS is a playground version of the rocking chair.

WOODEN BALL, only moves backward and forward on the guide rails.

TURNING DISK is activated by body movements of one or several children.

MODERN SWING, is made of wood; the design eliminates possible collisions.


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