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January 2, 2022

Fascinating Vintage Black and White Photos of Life in Paris in 1981

After thirty years of uninterrupted economic growth known as the Trentes Glorieuse combined with unemployment rate reaching a record nine percent, on May 10, 1981, France welcomed its new president, Fran├žois Mitterrand, who defeated Giscard with 51.8 percent of the vote and became the first socialist leader of the Fifth Republic. The socialists and communists also swept the elections for the National Assembly in June in what became known as the Rose Vague or “Pink wave”.

These pictures of Paris in 1981 were taken by Simon Nowicki, a street photographer who has practiced the art of photography for over 35 years. His works are influenced by the likes of Henry Cartier-Bresson, Paul Strand, Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander and Rennie Ellis. More fascinating photographs of daily lives could be found at Nowicki's amazing Flickr site.


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