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January 18, 2022

Before Became Ginger Grant on “Gilligan’s Island”, Tina Louise Was the Queen of Potatoes in 1953

There are tons of produce-based beauty pageants throughout history, which makes it no less weird. Basically if you were a pretty girl you could win the title and pose with some sort of locally harvested or manufactured product and be Miss Idaho Potato Peel Appeal Girl like Tina Louise in 1953.

Tina Louise is an American actress best known for playing movie star Ginger Grant in the CBS television situation comedy Gilligan’s Island in the 1960s.


  1. Another bullshit post.

    In the first photo she was playing a part in the 1953 Broadway musical Almanac:

    The second photo is publicizing the play and National Idaho Potato and Onion Week:

    And the last photo is unrelated to the other two and from a decade later:

    1. Thank you, Not Bob. We are all wiser thanks to your ever vigilant efforts to fact check the more important things in Life.

      Remove the first line of your reply and it gets filed under : Helpful to know but original still entertaining/funny all the same.

      Keep it in and it gets filed under : Your Point? (And no, I am not asking you to answer that question. Don't care.)

  2. Cj she did not have to win this through a pagesnt system she could have been appointed or assigned this title by her beauty




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