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January 11, 2022

“Let Us Make You Fat” – An Odd Advertisement From 1912

This is an odd advertisement that wouldn’t play well today. Below the image of the man and woman snickering about the skinny people behind them.

Sargol Company Flesh Builder advertisement in the Washington Times – May 12th, 1912.

“This is a generous offer to every thin man or woman reader of The Times. We positively guarantee to increase your weight to your own satisfaction or no pay, Think this over–think what it means. At our own risk, we offer to put 10, 15, yes, 20 pounds of good solid “stay there” flesh on your bones, to fill out the follows in cheeks, neck or bust, to get rid of that “peaked” look, to rejuvenate and revitalize your whole body until it tingles with vibrant energy; to do this without drastic diet, “tonics,” severe physical culture “stunts,” detention from business or any irksome requirements–if we fail it costs you nothing.

“We particularly wish to hear from the excessively thin, those who know the humiliation and embarrassment which only skinny people have to suffer in silence. We want to send a free 50-cent package of our new discover to the people who are called “slats” and “bean poles,” to bony women, whose clothes never look “anyhow,” no matter how expensively dressed, to the skinny men who fail to gain social or business recognition on account of their starved appearance. We care not whether you have been thin from birth, whether you have lost flesh through sickness, how many flesh builders you have experimented with. We take the risk and assume it cheerfully. If we can not put pounds and pounds of healthy flesh on your frame we don’t want your money.

“The new treatment increases the red corpuscles in the blood, strengthens the nerves and puts the digestive tract into such shape that your food is assimilated and turned into good, solid, healthy flesh instead of passing through the system undigested and unassimilated. It is a thoroughly scientific principle this Sargol, and builds up the thin, weak and debilitated without any nauseous doing. In many conditions it is better than cod liver oil and certainly is much pleasanter to take.

“Send for the 50-cent box today. Convince us by your prompt acceptance of this offer that you are writing in good faith and really desire to gain in weight. The 50-cent package which we will send you free will be an eye-opener to you. We send it that you may see the simple, harmless nature of our new discovery, how easy it is to take, how you gain flesh privately without knowledge of friends or family until you astonish them by the prompt and unmistakable results.

“We could not publish this offer in The Times if we were not prepared to live up to it. It is only the astounding results of our new method of treatment that make such an offer and such a guarantee possible on our part. So cut off the coupon today and mail it at once to The Sargol Company, 51-S Herald Bldg., Binghampton, N. Y., and please inclose 10c with your letter to help pay distribution expenses. Take our word, you’ll never regret it.”


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