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January 5, 2022

Taking an Early Selfie!? Pictures of La Goulue, ca. 1885

La Belle Époque, the “Beautiful Era” was a prosperous, modern, tantalizing period of French history. It was a period marked by technological, scientific, industrial advancement, as well as influential progression in the arts.

During the Belle Époque, a new, vivacious world was brought to life… a world full of immensely cultural, golden glory. Joy and creativity were given the opportunity to thrive in a colorful, artistic atmosphere. Modern acts and thoughts were given the opportunity to dance and flirt among the throngs of entertainment. There was noise and there was laughter. There was optimism and there was brilliancy. There was art and there was dance. There was burlesque and there were courtesans.

There was the Moulin Rouge, and there was the wild, fearless can-can dancer, La Goulue.

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