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January 4, 2022

A Collection of 45 Vintage Covers of Jet Magazine in the 1950s

Founded in November 1951 by John H. Johnson of the Johnson Publishing Company in Chicago, Illinois, Jet is an American weekly digital magazine focusing on news, culture, and entertainment related to the African-American community. The magazine was billed as “The Weekly Negro News Magazine”.

Jet magazine covers in the 1950s

Jet chronicled the civil rights movement from its earliest years, including the murder of Emmett Till, the Montgomery bus boycott, and the activities of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

Jet was printed from November 1, 1951, in digest-sized format in all or mostly black-and-white until its December 27, 1999, issue. In 2009, Jet expanded one of the weekly issues to a double issue published once each month. Johnson Publishing Company struggled with the same loss of circulation and advertising as other magazines and newspapers in the digital age, and the final print issue of Jet was published on June 23, 2014, continuing solely as a digital magazine app.

In 2016, Johnson Publishing sold Jet and its sister publication Ebony to private equity firm Clear View Group. As of the date of sale, the publishing company is known as Ebony Media Corporation.

Here below is a set of 45 covers of Jet magazine in the 1950s.

Actress Acquanetta, Hollywood's Jungle Girl, Jet Magazine, February 14, 1952

Can Bojangle's Widow, Elaine Robinson, Make a Comeback?, Jet Magazine, May 1, 1952

Hollywood Starlet Mauri Lynn Gets Role in New Movie, Jet Magazine, May 22, 1952

Urylee Leonardos, Broadway's Most-Jinxed Performer, Jet Magazine, September 25, 1952

Vera Francis, Typical of Hollywood Black Beauties, Jet Magazine, June 5, 1952

What Happens to Negro Child Prodigies Like Philippa Schuyler, Jet Magazine, December 11, 1952

Wives of Negro Millionaires Like Toy Sewell, Jet Magazine, January 17, 1952

Ella Fitzgerald, Jet Magazine, June 11, 1953

Hard Luck Singer Jean Parks, Jet Magazine, March 5, 1953

Joyce Bryant Wears Sexy Gowns For Show Business, Jet Magazine, October 1, 1953

Mrs. Barbara Barland is One of the Most Beautiful Women in Negro Society, Jet Magazine, December 17, 1953

Ramona Bruce, Jet Magazine, December 24, 1953

Anna Mae Winburn, Leader of All Girl Band, Jet Magazine, February 11, 1954

Connie Hatton Models Swimwear, Jet Magazine July 15, 1954

Diahann Carroll, A Cinderella Singer, Jet Magazine, April 15, 1954

Harlem Model Mary Cunningham Accidentally Killed Her Lover, Jet Magazine, March 25, 1954

How Long Do Glamour Girls Like Louise Franklin Last, Jet Magazine, June 10, 1954

June Eckstine, Jet Magazine June 17, 1954

Lena Horne, Jet Magazine, April 22, 1954

Mardelle Rodgers Models Shell Jewelry, Jet Magazine, August 5, 1954

Pretty Jeanna Limyou of Los Angeles, California, Jet Magazine, October 21, 1954

Suzette Harbin Was Live Pinup For GIs in Korea, Jet Magazine, July 22, 1954

Sylvia Fitt of New York Models Beachwear, Jet Magazine, April 8, 1954

Are Working Wives Less Moral, Jet Magazine, February 3, 1955

At What Age Is A Woman Most Beautiful?, Jet Magazine March 3, 1955

Beverly Jacques Is The Typical New Orleans Black Beauty, Jet Magazine, April 7, 1955

Can Boxer Sugar Ray Robinson Regain His Title?, Jet Magazine, November 3, 1955

Doris Chambers Models The Covered Up Look in 1955 Beachwear, Jet Magazine, June 2, 1955

Is Gambling Increasing Among Society Women?, Jet Magazine, February 17, 1955

Should Negroes Leave Mississippi?, Jet Magazine, April 21, 1955

Sylvia Blackburn, Pretty Howard University Senior, Jet Magazine, December 1, 1955

Talk of Dorothy Dandridge Getting An Oscar, Jet Magazine, March 10, 1955

Teenage Beauty Queen Carole Preston, Jet Magazine, December 8, 1955

When Does A Woman Like Carmen DeLavallade Lose Her Shapely Legs?, Jet Magazine, June 16, 1955

A New Lady Poet, Mauryne Brent, Jet Magazine January 26, 1956

Dolores Smalls Models Vacation Beachwear, Jet Magazine, August 23, 1956

Katherine Bell, One of The Pin-up Girls for 1956, Jet Magazine, January 5, 1956

Why Blacks Switched Allegiance to Eisenhower, Jet Magazine, November 22, 1956

Lois McGee is One of the Blacks Who Want to Be Indians, Jet Magazine, December 5, 1957

Delores Saunders, Jet Magazine, January 16, 1958

Isabelle Cooley, Jet Magazine, December 25, 1958

Joann Ransom, The Girl Who Had To Hide Her Race, Jet Magazine, May 1, 1958

Lynn Jordan Models the Chemise for the Beach, Jet Magazine, June 5, 1958

Pretty Coed Barbara Roberts, Jet Magazine, January 30, 1958

Versatile Teenager, Jet Magazine, May 15, 1958


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