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January 30, 2022

Facial Exercises With Eight Basic Face Types From the 1950s

Just as they sound, facial exercises are specific movements made with the muscles of the face to tone the contours, firm the skin and ‘lift’ the face. Some people say that they don’t work, but others swear they do. You’d better make up your own mind, then.

Think about your face, though: it is exposed to the environment far more than the rest of your body, so the sun, extremes of temperature, wind and pollution all take their toll on it, in a way that doesn’t happen elsewhere. Hormones also affect the skin, as does the slowing down of collagen production. Diet, of course, plays a huge part in attaining radiant skin, but facial exercises, when performed well and regularly, can help firm the facial contours and smooth the surface.

Here are some interesting facial exercises by Joe Bonomo from the 1950s:

These exercises may improve the modeling of your features, stimulate circulation, and strengthen muscles.

With mouth closed, push jaw to one side. Keep eyes closed, contracting muscles about eyes. Reverse.


This helps to prevent wrinkles around mouth and to mold chin. Close eyes and push eyebrows up.

Strengthen mouth muscles and help to prevent laugh lines. Purse lips, lifting the eyebrows.

Stimulate muscles under eyes and increase circulation. Draw features together, contracting muscles.

To prevent wrinkles in forehead and around eyes, draw down corners of mouth, at the same time open eyes.

Relieve the tension of contraction induced exercises. Open mouth wide and stretch its sides as much as possible.

Avoid double chin, fill out under eyes. Thrust out jaw as far as possible, pushing lower lip up toward nose.


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