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January 22, 2022

The Air-Cushion Hood Dryer: At Home With a Braun Astronette Hair Dryer From the 1970s

As ridiculous looking as it was, the Braun Astronette remained in production for many years in both Europe and South America. Some units were made in Argentina meaning you can still find a 110V that will work in the United States.

There’s no stand. No hose. Nothing to hold. You’re free to get up, move around or just relax while it dries your hair. Quickly. Efficiently. The heat blows through 200 tiny air ducts. Evenly. All over your set.

And the two-stage heat setting gives complete control. Low for gentle heat. High for fast drying.

Deflate Astronette and it folds into a handy, travel bag. Taking no space. No time. Astronette by Braun. It works like a hovercraft.

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