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January 24, 2022

30 Amazing Photos of Bergen, North Holland in the 1910s

Bergen is a municipality and a town in the Netherlands, in the province of North Holland. Its North Sea beaches make it a popular destination for tourists.

Bergen, North Holland in the 1910s

Since about 1900, Bergen has been the home of many painters, writers and architects. Some of the work of this “Bergen School” is on exhibit at Museum Kranenburgh. The neighbourhood of Park Meerwijk, constructed in 1915, is made up entirely of villas in Amsterdam School style. There are regular art fairs in Bergen, as well as an annual music festival (the Holland Music Sessions in August) and arts festival (the Kunsttiendaagse in October).

North of the town of Bergen are the Schoorlse Duinen, a nature area with the highest and widest dunes of the Netherlands, which reach about 59m (195 ft) above sea level, and are more than 5 km (3.1 mi) wide in some places. Other points of interest in the municipality include the aquarium in the seaside village of Bergen aan Zee, the Auto Union Museum in Bergen with a collection of classic cars, and the historical museums Het Sterkenhuis (Bergen) and Museum van Egmond (Egmond aan Zee).

These amazing photos from Archief Alkmaar Commons were taken by photographer A.J. Bonda that show street scenes of Bergen and surroundings in the 1910s.

Bergen ruin church, circa 1914

Cyclists and walkers at café-lodging "Duinzicht" on the Herenweg, 1914

Dairy factory ''Wilhelmina'', 1914

Elzenlaan 2-4. View of "House Russenduin". The country house with stable building and driver's house, built in 1916-1917 for August Janssen, 1914

Karel de Grotelaan seen in a westerly direction, 1914

Oude Prinsweg with museum ''Het Sterkenhuis'', the post office and the building of the tourist office, circa 1914

Pension-Lunchroom "Juliana" on the Zeeweg, 1914

Raadhuisstraat with the "Doctor Dekkerhuis", nowadays the Village House, 1914

Ruin church, circa 1914

The "big tree" or "old lime tree" with Hotel Dorpszicht, Hoflaan, circa 1914

The building of pension-lunchroom "Juliana" on the Zeeweg, after the renovation into "Hotel Stroomer", 1914

The Deer Camp in a westerly direction, with "Hotel Deer Camp" in the offing, 1914

The Dorpsstraat, 1914

The Dorpsstraat, seen in a westerly direction from the Kleine Dorpsstraat, 1914

The Dorpsstraat. ''Pension Theresia'' on the right, 1914

The narrow path with guest house "Greta" and the "Adam and Eve tree", circa 1914

The Schermersloot with the barge of skipper Kleverlaan, 1914

The shop of photographer Bonda, Oude Prinsweg 11, circa 1914

The station yard of Bergen aan Zee, with a steam tram ready for departure, seen to the west. Also visible are "Lunchrome Juliana", hotel "Prins Maurits" and hotel "Nassau Bergen", 1914

Two steam trams at Bergen station, seen from the platform to the east. The locomotive is reversing towards the sea, 1914

Two steam trams at Bergen station, seen from the station square to the south-east. The locomotive is reversing towards the sea, 1914

View of the Breelaan with the entrance to the Stationsstraat on the right, 1914

A group of soldiers with stretched wagons on the Oude Prinsweg, 1916

Bench in the woods, with a German soldier flanked by two women. The woman on the right has a dog on her lap, 1916

Four NCOs standing in front of a barracks. A fifth NCO sits in a window of the barracks (left). The guest house Johanna on the Vinkenbaan is visible on the right, 1916

Group photo, probably in front of the farm "Rampen" on the Meerweg, 1916

Guesthouse "Holland" on the Studler van Surcklaan, 1916

The internment camp on the Breelaan, seen to the northwest, 1916

Two women in a place behind a house. One of them is doing the laundry in a zinc tub, the other is lying in a deck chair, 1916

Woman in a chair with a man in the uniform of the German internees from the internment camp on the Breelaan, 1916


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