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January 20, 2022

32 Cool Photos Show What Weddings Looked Like in the 1970s

Weddings in the 1970s were influenced by many different trends — like hippie style, rock-and-roll style, and even a few pantsuits — as opposed to a single dominant style. Still, it was a time of change for many couples. Colored tuxedos for men became popular in the ’70s.

1970s wedding dresses from the actual decade range from prim Gunne Sax designs (a throwback Victorian look even for that era) to bombastic pantsuits (Bianca Jagger’s iconic moment), simple beaded styles to over-the-top lace and sexy boho styling. There’s no one singular look to unite the decade’s fashion, but there’s something inimitably fabulous about its most iconic details.

These cool photos from Flickr members show what weddings looked like in the 1970s.

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  1. Wonderfull collection of styles from casual to very formal. I had to giggle a little to see the teddy boy but well done to him.




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