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January 4, 2022

Crazy Sixties Sunglasses: Oversized and Dark Shades Were the Height of Fashion

We all know the 1960s were a bit strange; they were experimental and a time when people were pushing the boundaries and looking towards the future. That meant a lot of strange, un-wearable fashion emerged, and sunglasses and glasses didn’t escape the trend.

The 1960s were an Iconic Age dominated by strong black and white shapes and a newfound sense of futurism. High fashion became synonymous with oversized bug-eye glasses. Jackie Kennedy Onassis was a huge fan of the bug-eye look and was frequently photographed wearing the supersized black frames; as was Audrey Hepburn. Their popularity and influential styles had a major effect on women at that time and helped to solidify this look as chic and very 1960s.


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