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December 3, 2021

22 Amazing Photochrom Prints of Warsaw in the 19th Century

Warsaw flourished throughout the 19th century under Mayor Sokrates Starynkiewicz (1875–92), who was appointed by Alexander III. Under Starynkiewicz Warsaw saw its first water and sewer systems designed and built by the English engineer William Lindley and his son, William Heerlein Lindley, as well as the expansion and modernisation of trams, street lighting, and gas infrastructure.

Between 1850 and 1882, the population grew by 134% to 383,000 as a result of rapid urbanisation and industrialisation. Many migrated from surrounding rural Masovian towns and villages to the city for employment opportunities. The western borough of Wola was transformed from an agricultural periphery occupied mostly by small farms and windmills (mills being the namesake of Wola's central neighborhood Młynów) to an industrial and manufacturing centre. Metallurgical, textile and glassware factories were commonplace, with chimneys dominating the westernmost skyline.

Like London, Warsaw's population was subjected to income segmentation. Gentrification of inner suburbs forced poorer residents to move across the river into Praga or Powiśle and Solec districts, similar to the East End of London and London Docklands.[46] Poorer religious and ethnic minorities such as the Jews settled in the crowded parts of northern Warsaw, in Muranów.

The Imperial Census of 1897 recorded 626,000 people living in Warsaw, making it the third-largest city of the Empire after St. Petersburg and Moscow as well as the largest city in the region. Grand architectural complexes and structures were also erected in the city centre, including the Warsaw Philharmonic, the Church of the Holiest Saviour and tenements along Marszałkowska Street.

These amazing Photochrom prints from Library of Congress captured street scenes of Warsaw in 1890.

Faubourg de Cracow, Warsaw

Copernicus Monument, Warsaw

Grand theatre, Warsaw

John III Sobieski Monument at Łazienki Park, Warsaw

King Sigismund's monument, Warsaw

Krasinski Place, Warsaw

Mickiewicz Monument, Warsaw

Nowy Zjazd Street, Warsaw

Old part of town, Warsaw

Russian church, Warsaw

Saxon Garden, Warsaw

St. Alexander's Church, Warsaw

St. Anna's Church, Warsaw

Summer theatre at Łazienki Park, Warsaw

The Iron bridge, Warsaw

The Iron bridge, Warsaw

The Late Royal Castle, Warsaw

The Palace on the Isle, Warsaw

The Saxe Garden, Warsaw

Town hall, Warsaw

Wilanów Palace, Warsaw

Wilanów Palace, Warsaw


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