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January 1, 2022

40 Charming Portrait Photos of Victorian Ladies Wearing Jewelry

Within the Victorian period, jewelry consisted of a diverse variety of styles and fashions. These periods can be categorized into three distinct timeframes: The Romantic period, the Grand period and the Aesthetic period.

The first period in Victorian jewelry is known as the Romantic period or early Victorian period (1837-1861). During this period, inspiration derived from the Renaissance, Middle Ages and the natural world. This period saw a rise in the use of gold material, which contributed to the construction of jewelry.

The second period in Victorian jewelry is known as the Grand period or the mid-Victorian period (1861- 1885). This period saw a sharp change in design from delicate to bold which paralleled the changing social roles and representation of women at the time. During this period, imitations of jewelry were prominent and costume jewelry originated. This period witnessed the emergence of women in business and politics and saw women demanding to study at university, the right to vote and to earn their own money.

The third period in Victorian jewelry is known as the Aesthetic period or the late Victorian period (1885-1901). During this period, there was a distinct change in how women wore jewelry. This period encouraged the agency of women in society, with women’s rise to power with the creation of their own political organizations. This change encouraged freedom of thought and less of a desire to be seen as feminine. Due to this, significantly less jewelry was purchased with women only choosing to wear jewelry on special occasions, and little jewelry being worn casually throughout the day.

Here below is a set of charming photos that shows portraits of Victorian ladies wearing jewelry.


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