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December 25, 2021

Amazing Vintage Footage Captured a Snowball Fight Scene in Lyon, France in 1897

Bataille de neige (Snow Fight) is an 1897 French short silent film produced by the Lumiére brothers. Filmed in Lyon, France, it depicts a number of individuals engaged in a snowball fight on a city street.

The camera is centered on a pathway made through a snow-covered city street. On both side of the pathway, several men and women are engaged in a snowball fight. At first they’re not aimed at anyone but soon a man comes along riding a bicycle.

Bataille de neige is one of the best known films from Lumiére, which is easy to understand why since the image of people throwing snowballs is just downright fun. Even when viewing this film today you can’t help but watch it with a smile as it’s clear everyone is having a good time and we’re given a twist with a minor subplot involving the bicycle rider.

The film was shot with a cinématographe, an all-in-one camera, which also serves as a film projector and developer. As with all early Lumière movies, this film was made in a 35 mm format with an aspect ratio of 1.33:1.

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