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December 6, 2021

Beautiful Fashion Photography in the 1950s and ’60s by Sante Forlano

Sante Forlano, a fashion photographer whose work was well known in national women’s magazines, died of a heart attack at his home in 1973. His age was 49.

Fashion photography in the 1950s and ’60s by Sante Forlano

Forlano worked with Christian Dior in Paris and Rome from 1946 to 1954, when he returned to the United States to open his own studio here. He had worked for Giamour, Vogue, Seventeen and Red Book magazines.

These beautiful photos are part of his work that Sante Forlano took portraits of classic beauties in the 1950s and 1960s.

Lucinda Hollingsworth wearing a green and black floral print dress with matching jacket by Donald Brooks for Danbury, December 1956

Model is wearing a crimson coat with a high waist buttoned-on cape by Young Couture, fox hat by Emme, purse by Koret, 1956

Model wearing a night gown and peignoir by Vanity Fair, 1956

Jan Rylander wearing Charles of the Ritz makeup, a wool tweed suit and rayon blouse by Jeanne Campbell for Sportwhirl, Emmé beanie, Chesterfield pin, and Aris gloves, 1957

Model is wearing a skirt of white chiffon with bodice of white cotton lace by Jonny Herbert and with a pink satin stole by Emily Wetherby, October 1957

Two models sporting plaid skirts and blouses of black worsted wool, with black berets, Vogue, August 1958

Joanna McCormick, 1959

Model sitting atop the engine of Pan Am's 707 Clipper wearing a pink printed sharkskin jacket and matching shorts by Randol Juniors and an Emme hat, 1959

Model wearing a knitted dress by Anne Fogarty, velvet hat by Emme and an alligator bag by Lucille, 1959

Model is arriving in Acapulco, Mexico with 'The Calareres'. She's wearing a suit by Sportwhirl, a Ronay canvas bag, gold jewelry by Tiffany & Co., and pink silk hat by Products of India, 1960

Model is wearing a red linen Anne Fogarty dress and jewelry by Tiffany & Co., 1960

Model is in a creme de coco cardigan jacket of Catoni velveteen, a long-sleeved Irish linen blouse, a blue flared skirt of Warren of Stafford wool loomed in America, August 1962

Actor Tony Randall plays house with a model in the middle of Times Square, Manhattan, January 1963

Ginny Martin of Baylor University in Texas, is wearing midi-suit by Robert Sloan and hair by Kenneth, she's standing before the IBM pavilion of the 1961 New York World's Fair, August 1963

Model is wearing a red suede suit by Highlander and cashmere sweater by de Loux, 1964

Model is wearing a shimmery baby doll dress by Loomtogs, 1965

Model is wearing a white bikini with blue, red and green poka dots by Rose Marie Reid, 1965

Alexandra Hawley leans forward onto a lime green wool melton coat by Jr. Sophisticates, 1966

Model is wearing a brown corduroy suit and turtleneck sweater and handbag by I. Miller, 1966

Model is wearing a long pink dress with a jeweled halter neck and a shocking pink wool evening coat, both by Pab Ltd. Long white kid gloves by Aris, and earrings by Laguna, 1966

Ali MacGraw is modelling a yellow wool suit by Jacques Tiffeau and with a white felt floppy hat by Emme, March 1967

Ali MacGraw lying in grass, 1967

Ali MacGraw wearing an orange suit, March 1967

Cheryl Tiegs modelling a black, red, and white striped sleeveless dress by June Francis and Tom Nasarre for Jr. Sophisticates, scarf by Christa and earrings by Castlecliff, 1967

Cheryl Tiegs modelling a two piece suit with a matching jacket by Lanz and a hat by Emme, 1967

Cheryl Tiegs, 1967

Cheryl Tiegs, 1967

Model on the left is wearing a blue and green plaid wool suit by Louis Clausen. Model on right wearing a green and red plaid belted coat by Don Simonelli for Modelia, posed before the UN Headquarters, 1967

Cheryl Tiegs wearing a silver and gold belt as a headband by Myra Harding and a groovy Lurex smoking suit by Victor Joris, 1969

(Photo © Sante Forlano)


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