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December 25, 2021

Fascinating Vintage Photos of Santa Claus in the Past

The holiday season always brings joy, nostalgia and Santa Claus, the beloved iconic symbol of Christmas.

Otherwise known as Saint Nicholas, the Father Christmas goes by other monikers, such as Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, or simply Santa, and is named after St. Nicholas, a bishop who was famous for his generous gifts to the poor.

While the tradition was inspired by the 4th-century Greek Christian bishop, Santa Claus has now become a worldwide phenomenon and a symbol of the season's kindness and generosity.

Take a look through these fascinating and funny photographs of people dressing as Santa Claus in the past:

A man in Santa Claus costume sleeping on a bench, circa 1940

A man dressed as Father Christmas shaking hands with a soldier, 1940

Trainees at a school for Santa Claus impersonators, 1940

Father Christmas in wartime London, 1940

A 45-foot Santa Claus inflated for the Macy's Parade, New York, 1940. (Weegee)

Santa Claus handing out gifts during World War II, 1942. (David E. Scherman)

Group of Santa Claus mascots inside the Macy's department store, 1948. (Nina Leen)

A bus driver shaking hands with Father Christmas passing by on his scooter, London, 1949. (Reg Speller)

Glenn Ford dressed as Santa Claus in the film 'Mr. Soft Touch,' 1949.

A sponsored Santa Claus searching for a chimney on the rooftop, Rye, Sussex, 1950.

Santa Claus gets a traffic ticket, Maywood, California, 1952.

Santa Claus held up by a group of boys armed with toy guns, London, 1954.

Lucille Ball and fellow cast members during the 'I Love Lucy Christmas Special,' 1956.

Group of Santa Clauses crossing the street, 1959.

Santa Claus flanked by two policemen down the street, 1959.

Salvador Dali in Santa outfit, 1961.

Santa Claus rally in New York, 1961.

Debbie Reynolds arrived at the Golden Apple Awards in Los Angeles dressed as Santa Claus, 1969.

A saddened Father Christmas at David Morgan's store in Cardiff, 1973.

A woman glance at a surly looking Santa in a busy shopping street, 1975.

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