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December 22, 2021

25 Kodachrome Slides of Japan in the Early 1950s

Post-occupation Japan is the period in postwar Japanese history which started when the Allied occupation of Japan ended in 1952 and lasted to the end of the Showa era in 1989. Despite the massive devastation it suffered in the Second World War, Japan established itself as a rich global economic power at peace with the world. In terms of political power it was more reluctant, especially in the nonuse of military force.

These old Kodachrome slides from Chris Spehr were taken by her grandfather in various places in Japan including Nara, Yokahama, and Nagasaki from when her grandfather was stationed after World War II.

Street scenes in a rebuilding Japan

Beach in Japan

Bike messenger

Cherries and parade

Cotton candy

Dragon dance

Dressed for success

Folks dressed for a parade

Garden, Yokohama


Japanese tram

Kids at play

Monks and buddha

Parade costumes

Parade in Japan

Parade in Japan

Seeking a bargain

Storefront in Japan welcoming a New Year

Storefront in Japan

Street actor

Street celebration

Street wrestling

Temple visit

The boat

Waiting for the bus


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