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January 29, 2022

We’re Thankful These Vintage Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Recipes Went Away!

When it comes to mayonnaise, people have strong feelings. Some of you can’t stomach the mere thought of it and others of you love it so much you even add it to your PB&J. Regardless of where you stand on the mayonnaise issue, we’re sure that when it comes to the Hellmann’s mayonnaise vintage recipes, everyone, mayo lovers and haters alike, can agree that they’re an assault to all that is good and right about food, if not the world in general.

Lucky for the planet, most of these vintage recipes died out with the close of the decades that produced them. And lucky for Hellmann’s, the company has stopped trying to be a culinary game changer, and have quit trying to convince us to eat mayonnaise with our fruit, because we’re not sure the world would have supported it much longer. Behold, the worst vintage recipes ever made:

1. Skippy & Hellmann’s

2. Hellmann’s Cake

3. Hellmann’s Treasure Chest Salad

4. Cranberry Candle Salad

5. Cranberry Surprise

6. Party Potato Salad

7. Monterey Souffle Salad

8. Mayonnaise Biscuits

9. Treasure-Basket Salad

10. Mayonnaise On Burgers


  1. Darling, the chocolate cake recipe with Hellmann's is very good.

    1. I know!! Also, grilled cheese sandwich is much better if you use mayo instead of butter.

  2. Every one of the burgers would be delicious.

  3. Some of those looked all kinds of delicious, but some others just by looking at the pics could be used as an emetic.

  4. The Hellmans added to cake batter truly does make it richer! You can’t taste it. And mayonnaise on a burger? Yes please! Also on French fries




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