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December 23, 2021

Amazing Posters Designed by Eugène Ogé in the Early 20th Century

Born 1861 in Paris, French poster artist and illustrator Eugène Ogé began as an apprentice to Charles Verneau, a printer who specialized in posters, and became a lithographer. During this period he made the acquaintance of several notable poster artists, including Adolphe Léon Willette, Jean-Louis Forain and Théophile Alexandre Steinlen. In his spare time, he studied painting at the Académie Julian and developed an admiration for Jules Chéret; an innovator in poster design.

Posters designed by Eugène Ogé in the 1900s and 1910s

In the 1890s, Ogé opened his own workshop and began designing posters, initially under contract to Verneau, then with Pierre Vercasson. He gradually developed his own style, moving away from the opulent women favored by Chéret. By 1900, he worked almost exclusively with caricatures and established himself with his famous poster for the “Billards Brunswick”, featuring three bald men. After 1902, he collaborated with La Lanterne, a daily journal with anti-clerical sentiments.

In the years leading up to World War I, Ogé caricatured many prominent people, including Queen Victoria and Paul Kruger, for “Dr. Trabant’s Supreme Pills”, and the heads of state meeting at the Permanent Court of Arbitration, to advertise the menthe-pastille made by Giffard. Among the other companies he worked for, one may mention Maggi, Gellé frères, Bazar de l'Hôtel de Ville and Réglisse Zan.

During the war, Ogé made very few posters; focusing instead on rubber models and patterns for advertising balloons. He died in 1936 at the age of 74. Here below is a set of amazing posters designed by Eugène Ogé in the 1900s and 1910s.

Biscuit du Cygne, Nouveauté Recommandée, circa 1900

Absinthe de Pontarlier, Cousin Jeune, Paris, circa 1900

Advertisement for Amidon Remy, circa 1900

Advertising for Maizena corn flour, circa 1900

Advertising for Vin Bravais, circa 1900

Bière de l'Eclair, 1900

Bouillon Vatel, Suc de boeuf extra, Jus de Légumes Frais, circa 1900

Chocolat Ibled, circa 1900

Citronelli, Sirop extra fin, circa 1900

Dentifrices du Docteur Péterson, 1900

Guignolet d'Angers, Cointreau, circa 1900

Imprimez vous-même avec le Cyclostyle Automatic, circa 1900

L'Astrolin Peinture Laquée, La meilleure, La plus durable, 1900

Liqueur Cointreau, Angers, circa 1900

Maquette for a French beer brand, Biere de Chartres, circa 1900

Quinquina des Princes, circa 1900

Salosol-Duzan, Délicieux Dentifrice à Base de Salol, circa 1900

Suprêmes Pilules du Docteur Trabant, circa 1900

Veritable China-China Liqueur de Dessert, circa 1900

La Lanterne-Journal Républicain Anti-Clérical, 1902

Quinquina Royal, Est un Vrai Trésor, 1902

Ad for Abadie, 1905

Advertising for Zan, 1905

Gil Blas, circa 1905

Plaques Jougla, J'opère à toute heure, 1905

Ravitaillement de Port-Arthur, par les Conserves Cassegrain, Nantes, 1905

Russian Santa Claus, 1905

Eau purgative naturelle de Villacabras, La plus active, 1907

Bière du Lion, 1909

Avec les chaussures Le Calvar, en peut faire le Tour du Monde, 1910

Billards Brunswick, 1910

Crème Sandwich, Amieux Frères, Spécialité du Périgord, circa 1910

Lampe Solida, 'L'Incassable', 1910

Baúl-Cesto Aldea, Santander, 1912

Bière de l'Éclair, 1912

Liqueur Châtelaine, La plus ancienne, 1912

Maquette for a drink advertisement, 1913

Maquette for a paint company advertisement, 1913

Extrait Javel La Croix, circa 1914

Ad for Riz La Croix cigarette papers, 1917

Encres Acmé, 1919


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