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December 19, 2021

Beautiful Vintage Photos of Children Playing in the Snow

Every winter, as the temperatures drop, so does the amount of time people prefer to spend outside. This is true for children, as playtime can become limited to the indoors. 

It may be tempting to parents and adults to hide inside until the weather warms up, however, getting outdoors during this time of the year is especially essential to children, both for the fun and health benefits and also because it seems to be an unquestionable fact that children everywhere want to play in the snow. The wonder and excitement in their eyes only prove it further.

Take a look at children joyously having fun in the snow through these 19 beautiful black and white photographs below:

Central Park, New York City, ca. 1900.



Paris, 1945. (Robert Doisneau)

Spitalfields Market, London, 1946. (Monty Fresco)

Moscow, Russia, 1950s.


1952. (A. Y. Owen)

Milan, 1950s. (Mario De Biasi)

1955. (Fred Hamilton)

Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, 1955. (Édouard Boubat)

London, 1957. (Henry Grant)

Central Park, New York, 1958.

Ilford, Essex, 1958. (Ron Burton)

Paris, 1958. (Robert Doisneau)

Einsiedeln, Switzerland, 1959.

Manchester, 1959. (Geoff Thomas)

Greenwich Village, New York City, 1960. (David Attie)

Japan, 1960s.

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  1. No thermal winter clothing, rubber boots and we still had fun




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