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December 30, 2021

Atora Made Great Steak Pudding Cups From the 1930s

You will be charmed with these dainty little puddings —so wonderfully light and digestible when made with ‘Atora.’ The novelty of a small pudding for each person makes a refreshing change; and not only that — you are able to prepare just the right quantity without risk of running short or having wasteful left-overs.

Atora is a British brand of pre-shredded suet (the hard fat around the kidneys) first introduced in 1893. As suet most commonly needs to be shredded in its typical uses in British cuisine (e.g. in pie crusts, steamed puddings, and dumplings), Atora can be seen as a labor-saving convenience item. Here’s the recipe of steak pudding cups made by Atora from the 1930s:
4 oz. Self-raising Flour or 4 oz. Plain Flour & 1/2 tea-spoonful Baking Powder.
2 oz. fine Breadcrumbs. Pinch of Salt.
3 oz. Shredded “ATORA.”
Mix these ingredients. Add cold water to make a moist paste, firm enough to handle. Cut 9 oz. steak into thin strips and 3 oz. ox kidney into pieces. Roll in a tablespoonful flour seasoned with salt and pepper, then wrap each piece of steak around a piece of kidney. Grease 4 breakfast cups (or bowls of similar size) and line them with paste. Put in filling (3 oz. per cup), fill with water or stock, cover with paste, then with buttered paper. Tie cloths over and steam for 3 hours.


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