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November 17, 2021

Extra Large Playpen Sofas of the 1970s

Superbly constructed for extra softness with cushion-within-a-cushion seats and plump, wedge-shaped backs, these Playpen sofas original take up no more space than a standard sofa, table and pair of chairs.

Remember when Mum used to pop you into a playpen to keep you out of mischief? With Simmons Playpen, we don’t guarantee the same results.

In fact the Playpen is a very adult idea in every sense. Sink into the luxury of crushed velvet ‘cushion within a cushion’ upholstery and we can't be responsible for what happens. The Playpen treats you like an adult in other ways too. It pre-supposes you have your own ideas about arranging your furniture. Because of its modular design, it offers endless permutations. 

You can bring your own flair to arranging and re-arranging your Playpen to suit your room and your whims. The Playpen comes in combinations of: corner sections, armless sections and ottomans. You buy as many. or as few, as you want. And fit them together to suit your room. Or your moods, or your friends. As you've probably gathered, the Playpen is for adults. 

But that’s not to say it can’t take what kids can dish out. The fact is. Playpen’s rich, sensuous crushed velvet is remarkably rugged. So you can even pop your kids into the Playpen and they won’t get up to much mischief. With adults, it’s a different matter.

See the Playpen at your Simmons Furniture dealer, or send in the coupon on this page for more information (and the address of your nearest Simmons dealer).


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