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November 3, 2021

Portrait Photos of Louise Brooks During the Filming of ‘Now We’re in the Air’ (1927)

Now We’re in the Air is a 1927 American silent comedy film directed by Frank R. Strayer, starring the late-1920s intermittent comedy team of Wallace Beery and Raymond Hatton. In a supporting role, Louise Brooks plays twins, one raised French and the other raised German.

Wallace Beery and Louise Brooks worked together the following year in the taut drama Beggars of Life, a well-received early sound film. Hatton also sometimes appeared paired in films with Beery's older brother Noah Beery.

Now We’re in the Air was popular in its time, although not as well received as the earlier military farces from the Beery/Hatton team. The aerial scenes were an interesting aspect of the production. In a modern re-appraisal, however, reviewer Janiss Garza commented: “In spite of a dual role, Brooks doesn’t have much to do; Moving Picture World felt that ‘any intelligent extra girl’ could have handled the part.”

These fabulous photos captured portraits of Louise Brooks during the filming of Now We’re in the Air in 1927.


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