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November 30, 2021

Amazing Photos of the 1954 Ford FX-Atmos

Dream cars from the early 1950s borrowed heavily from jet aircraft styling, like the futuristic Ford FX-Atmos.

Appearing at the 1954 Chicago Auto Show, the FX-Atmos featured a glass dome roof, tail fins, rocket exhaust taillights and needle-like radio antennae protruding from front fender pods. The radical cockpit had a center-mounted driver’s seat and 2-passenger rear seats. Dual handgrips replaced the normal steering wheel and the dash-mounted “Roadarscope” radar screen provided highway information.

According to one source, the FX-Atmos was considered as a candidate for a nuclear power plant. It has been suggested that it was also a significant inspiration in the design of Supercar in the Gerry Anderson TV series of that name.

Here below is a photo series of the 1954 Ford FX-Atmos.


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